Section 4

Amplifying Your Impact

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Set and Beat Your Benchmarks

See how your compliance program stacks up against your peers and learn new strategies to increase the effectiveness of what you’re already doing. 

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Achieving an effective ethics and compliance program requires more than simply adding rules and additional layers of controls. There must be an integrated effort that aligns financial and compliance requirements with the organization’s mission and values. The steps you take as a compliance professional should not be in isolation of your organization’s larger business objectives but in support of them.

Along with aligning with organizational goals, your compliance program can compound its impact by focusing on industry best practices that maximize efforts. This section will highlight the latest best practices in the use of technology, program automation and industry benchmarks to amplify the impact of key compliance program elements.

"How Do I Conduct an Effective Internal Investigation?" | 90-Second Expert Advice

From the case assessment to the issuance of findings, it's critical to conduct an internal investigation with the utmost care and confidentiality. Michael Volkov shares four key steps you can take to achieve a fair and effective internal investigation. 

If done correctly, a well-run internal investigation process will improve the overall health of an organization and signal to employees that poor behavior is not tolerated.