Section 3

Demonstrating Value

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Make the Most of the Boardroom

Learn how to prove and communicate the value of your program while becoming a strategic partner to the C-suite and your board. 

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The value of your compliance program is demonstrated with a mixture of art and science. Hard data and evidence-based information is your scientific proof, while more abstract observations of attitudes and behaviors make up the art of your compliance program. Together the art and science of your work tells its story of effectiveness. 

This section will give you the guidance to best tell your compliance program’s story of effectiveness through best practices in program assessment and benchmarking. It will give you the tools you need to package the raw data of your work into a compelling presentation to your CEO, board and senior management. And it will provide expert advice to help guide you through nurturing key relationships across your organization to showcase the value of your program even when it’s not in the spotlight. 

How to Make Benchmarking Data Actionable | "How To" Series

You’ve powered through the process of benchmarking your compliance program and the results have been a real eye-opener. Now what do you do?

As you probably realize, discovery is not enough. Knowing where you stand provides a point of reference for what could be— but it’s only half of the equation. Watch this video for recommendations on how you can improve your overall benchmarking process.