Podcast: SEC’s $30M Whistleblower Award—The Payout Heard Around the World


In this podcast, Shanti Atkins, founder and executive chairman of NAVEX Global and Greg Keating discuss the SEC’s landmark whistleblower award.

In their conversation, Atkins and Keating provide insights on:

  • Whether the case will spark a surge in foreign whistleblowers
  • Practical implications of the award for legal and ethics and compliance professionals and the organizations they serve
  • The increasing importance of creating a world-class reporting and anti-retaliation program
  • Evolving whistleblower law and whistleblower protection imperatives

Access the podcast by clicking play in the window below.

For additional analysis about the possible impact of the case, read Shanti’s opinion piece in Forbes, “SEC's Secret $30 Million Whistleblower Case Won't Improve Corporate Behavior” or read her blog post on the subject, “Think High Stakes Whistleblowing is Just a U.S. Phenomenon? Think Again.” 

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