"Congratulations, You Are a C Student": Hui Chen on Understanding DOJ Guidance

"Congratulations, You Are a C Student"

If there was one thing we heard loud and clear in Hui Chen's review of the DOJ's "Evaluation of Corporate Compliance Program" guidance, it was that the Evaluation should not to be seen as a best practices document. Here's a look at more of Chen's insights on the impetus of the guidance as well as on its latest evolution.  

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Benefits of a Compliance Program Under FCPA Corporate Enforcement Policy

Learn what the first three FCPA enforcement actions of 2019 teach ethics and compliance programs about the varying degrees of penalties based on self-disclosure, cooperation and remediation. 


Beyond Due Diligence
Beyond Due Diligence: Ongoing Third Party Risk Management

Due diligence screening of existing or new third parties is just an initial step – it is not the entirety of third party risk management. Assuming that the third party passes the due diligence review, there are a number of continuing obligations needed to manage risk. Learn how to go beyond due diligence and introduce a consistent application of rules and procedures.


Binge Watcher or Goldfish: Compliance Training in an Era of Changing Attention Spans

Shrinking attention spans has everyone from teachers to advertisers to ethics and compliance training professionals concerned about getting their messages across in meaningful ways. But attention spans may not be shrinking, as much as they are changing. It behooves every training program manager to understand these changes and embrace them to determine the best approaches to capturing attention with their content.


State-Specific Data Privacy Laws for Online Businesses

To be a competitive player in the modern data-driven marketplace, companies need to ensure they are keeping up with changing data privacy laws. From California to Vermont, let's look at how the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has affected state laws and how to best comply with these new regulations.