How Businesses Can Prepare for the Return to Work

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Testing, PPE, and social distancing: What business should consider when deciding when and how to bring employees back to work in the wake of the pandemic, from an employment legal expert.

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After COVID-19, Where Was the Board?

COVID-19 is testing every part of a corporation, including the board of directors. But what are the board’s responsibilities during this crisis? It’s a question that directors should understand clearly and quickly — because after the pandemic ends, investors sifting through the significant financial losses will start asking the inevitable question: “Where was the board?”  


Fraud Risks and Anti-Fraud Programs During COVID-19

COVID-19 is putting an old issue — fraud — into a stark new spotlight.  With close communication and teamwork now more difficult, risks previously mitigated by trust and teamwork now must be managed by policy and stronger internal control. Companies will need to give this risk careful attention and develop a new, multi-pronged approach to reducing it. 


We Need to Preserve and Protect Whistleblowing in This Time of Challenge

With every news channel having the word “whistleblower” scrolling at the bottom of their screen, we are witnessing the whistleblower process at the highest level of public scrutiny. No matter your politics, compliance officers would be remiss not to contemplate what’s happening here, and the consequences for whistleblowing generally.


Sanctions OFAC
Sanctions Compliance in the Era of Financial Warfare

On May 1, 2019, the world of sanctions compliance was upended when OFAC's Framework for Compliance Commitments made it clear that compliance will no longer be measured in steps taken but in results achieved. Discover the steps your organization should take to align with these new expectations.