What Will 2020 Risk & Compliance Benchmarks Look Like?

2020 risk and compliance benchmark

It’s that time of year again when risk and compliance professionals from around the world contribute to an industry-defining resource – the annual Definitive Risk & Compliance Benchmark Report. Regardless of your job level, company size, industry or geography – share your perspective on the important work you do.

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EU antitrust compliance
Compliance in Era of EU’s New Anti-Competition Climate

Later this fall Margrethe Vestager will begin an unprecedented second five-year term as the European Union competition commissioner. Vestager’s first term was marked by huge regulatory fines, and she plans to use her second term to explore structural remedies that prevent anti-competitive behavior. Here's what you need to know. 


sanctions compliance risk
Five Common Weaknesses in OFAC Sanctions Compliance Programs

As companies elevate their “game” in sanctions compliance, it is important that compliance officers critically examine the strengths and weaknesses of their sanctions compliance programs. Here are five common weaknesses third party risk management programs need to be aware of. 


perception and reality
Balancing Perception-Based Cultures with Fact-Based Compliance

As an ethics and compliance officer, you must make risk real, concrete and tangible to ensure that the compliance program is adequately designed and staffed. Learn why trust and perception-based workplace cultures need to be supported by ethics and compliance programs based on facts and reality. 


Jessica Wilburn Privacy by Design 2019
Privacy by Design: Why Compliance Should Lead the Data Privacy Charge

The concept of privacy by design has evolved far beyond its engineering origins. Data has become nothing short of a currency with which brands win or lose, and new business models have emerged. Let's discuss how the regulatory environment in which firms operate, has increased in both scope and complexity.