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2018 Ethics & Compliance Virtual Conference

Redefining Sexual Harassment in the Age of #MeToo


Compliance teams are challenged to manage harassment policies across different countries, accounting for cultural sensitivities and conventions. This requires ethics and compliance professionals to contextualise company sexual harassment policies effectively, using industry-specific examples of what is appropriate. 

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quantifying the ROI of compliance
Advancing the Conversation on Performance & the ROI of Compliance: ECVC 2018

If you feel there’s been a monumental shift in expectations for E&C in your organization, you are not alone. That’s why I encourage you to register for this year’s Ethics & Compliance Virtual Conference.  You’ll be joined by thousands of likeminded compliance professionals all seeking to protect their organization’s people, reputation and bottom line in these exciting times. 


Mistakes to Avoid in Conducting Effective Workplace Investigations

Experience has shown us time and again that, of all the elements contributing to effective investigations, investigators consistently dedicate insufficient time and effort in a few critical areas; four to be exact. 


What to Know About Three Major Changes in the Finance Function

Three major corporate financial reporting changes are sweeping through the corporate finance and audit functions. These three changes to external reporting could bring significant changes to a company's internal processes. Ethics and compliance officers need to understand what those changes are and how they might affect anti-corruption compliance procedures. 


incentives for good behavior
Financial Incentives for Compliance Management: Show Me the Money

One aspect of creating a strong compliance program that is overlooked is incetivising employees. Rather than only penalizing employees for misconduct, organizations need to reward those employees who better a compliance program.