Blowing the Whistle Is Just the Beginning of the Whistleblower Journey

whistleblower retaliation

To run effective whistleblower hotline and incident management programs, we have to fully understand the human experience that goes into making the initial report. Thriving compliance reporting programs create environments that take into account the person who is the whistleblower.

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female executive deal
Doing Deals like a Girl (and the Rewards of Open Corporate Culture)

Research shows that the more women on corporate boards, the more successful their mergers and acquisitions. Tapping into strength of diversity from top to bottom makes companies better. Diversity goals and ethics and compliance programs should not be just about eliminating risk, but enabling success and creating measurable value.


White Collar Crime
Why People Engage in White-Collar Crime

Society prefers to tune out white-collar crime; it's boring and complicated. In fact, the average person would have trouble defining the crime, so it’s understandable why it’s ignored so much by the masses. Learn why white-collar crime is one of the hardest forms of corruption to identify, and therefore one of the most difficult to prevent.



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The Whistleblower Hotline Should Be Legal Counsel’s Best Friend

Corporate counsel has the responsibility of protecting the organization. New research points to whistleblower hotlines as a clear avenue to fulfill that obligation in a cost-effective manner. High-performing whistleblower hotline systems can reduce the frequency and cost of material lawsuits, as well as reduce the number of external reports jeopardizing brand reputation. Learn more. 


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ICYMI: Highlights from the 2018 Ethics & Compliance Virtual Conference

This year the 2018 Ethics & Compliance Virtual Conference brought together more than 20 industry experts for a full day of ethics and compliance educational content. Revisit this year's key topics and view the entire conference on-demand.