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NAVEX Global Online Compliance Training Courses: Gifts, Contributions and Lobbying Training

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Organizations that participate in federal, state and local government contracting have an obligation to know, understand and comply with the laws and regulations that apply to that process. This course is designed to help employees who manage or work on contracts with government agencies – at any level – understand the strict requirements that must be followed when it comes to gift-giving (or receiving), political contributions and lobbying. It emphasizes the importance of speaking up about any conduct that could put the successful performance of your government contract at risk.

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  • All Learners
All Learners

Key concepts covered in this course:

  • Importance of being a good, responsible partner
  • Consequences of violating a government contract term or condition - even if inadvertent
  • Definition of a gift
  • Rules for giving gifts to government employees (including members of Congress and their staff)
  • Rules for giving gifts to employees of federal legislative branch
  • Rules for giving gifts to state and local government employees
  • Prohibition of gifts for Contracting Officers Importance of accuracy in recordkeeping
  • Rules related to political contributions and lobbying
  • Overview of pay-to-play laws
  • Obligation to report violations

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