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60 min+
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Full Length Course
Employment Law Training
Managers, Employees
Harassment and Discrimination
Rich Media

Workplace harassment and violence can affect organizations across Canada. But risk can be reduced through comprehensive policies and training.

Workplace Harassment and Violence: Canadian Edition will help employees and managers at any level of an organization identify and prevent harassment and violence in the workplace. Learners will explore best practices for responding to harassment and violence and receive guidance on how and where to make a report, without fear of reprisal. Additional, manager-specific content addresses their unique responsibilities, covering important topics like power differentials, workplace boundaries, responding to violations and complaints, and the policy against reprisal. Animation, video and interactive scenarios reinforce critical concepts.

A workplace should be respectful and free from violence. Training on harassment and workplace violence helps ensure it stays that way.

Course Details

  • All employees
All employees

​Key concepts covered in this course:

  • What Is Harassment and Discrimination?
  • What Does Harassment Look Like?
  • Harassment: Who, What, When, Where?
  • How Can I Prevent Harassment?
  • What Should I Do if I See or Experience Harassment?
  • How Do I Report Harassment – and What Happens Next?
  • What Are My Responsibilities as a Manager?
  • Workplace Violence – What Is It?
  • Workplace Violence Warning Signs
  • Responding to Workplace Violence


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