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NAVEX Global Online Compliance Training Courses: Whistleblowing, Reporting & Retaliation: Speaking Up Matters

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< 10 min
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Micro Learning Course
Employment Law Training
Managers, Employees
Speaking Up & Reporting
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The consequences of remaining silent when confronted with potential misconduct can have far-reaching effects. This micro learning explores the importance of reporting and the potential for misconduct to worsen if concerns about violations are not internally reported. The Reporting Line Version includes a reference to the value of a reporting line.

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Whistleblowing, Reporting & Retaliation: Managing Complaints

  • Micro Learning Course
  • Managers, Employees

Managers have a unique role when receiving and escalating complaints. In addition to following the proper processes, they must also create an environment in which their employees are comfortable speaking up. Responding to complaints effectively is a critical part of this.

Whistleblowing, Reporting & Retaliation: Managing Complaints