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Full Length Course
Employment Law Training
Employee Relations & Union Awareness

Provides both basic and in-depth training to managers about the issues that are often a root cause of employee organizing efforts. By combining training on good management practices, labor law compliance and union awareness/organizing, organizations can help managers create a workplace where employees feel heard and respected.

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  • Manager

This course provides basic or advanced training to managers about issues that are often the root cause of employee organizing efforts..

Key concepts covered in this course:120 min45 min

Rules against discrimination and retaliation

Importance of good performance management

Employee discipline fundamentals

Handling employee complaints properly

Lawful hiring and termination

Respecting employees’ rights and following the law as well as employer policies


Best practices for managing employees


Root causes of organizing


Benefits of remaining union-free and realities of managing a unionized workplace


Importance of good communication


How unions organize workers and common signs of organizing activity


Responding to signs of organizing