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NAVEX Global Online Compliance Training Courses: Cyber Security and Cloud Computing Training

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< 10 min
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Micro Learning Course
Information Security Training
All Learners
Cyber Security

Learners are tasked with evaluating a situation involving cloud-based computing. Covers what cloud-based computing is, how cloud-based computing can create risk for an organization, expectation to follow IT rules and policies regarding cloud computing, obligations to treat the organization’s confidential and proprietary information (regardless of form) with great care, and cloud computing best practices. Part of our Cyber Security series.

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NAVEX Global Online Compliance Training Courses: Information Security Training

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As technology evolves, so do the threats to an organization’s vital information. This course covers the kinds of threats organizations face and what employees can do. Includes sections on password management, mobile devices, viruses, data storage and tracking, reporting lost or stolen data and social media.

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