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SEC - Insider Trading
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Insider Trading
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This course provides employees with definitions of common insider trading terms and the ground rules for determining when it’s okay (and not okay) to trade. It emphasizes an employee’s obligation to protect material, nonpublic (“inside”) information and avoid even the appearance of something inappropriate.

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  • All Learners
All Learners

Key concepts covered in this course:

  • How insider trading creates an unfair playing field
  • Definition and examples of material nonpublic (“inside”) information
  • The rules against tipping
  • Situations that can pose an insider trading risk
  • Best-practice strategies for keeping confidential information confidential and avoiding insider trading risk
  • Restrictions during blackout periods
  • The consequences of violating insider trading/insider dealing laws
  • Recognizing and reporting anti-competitive activity

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Describes the kinds of information considered “material, non-public” information, emphasizes the importance of safeguarding it and lays out the restrictions – and the consequences – associated with trading in securities (or tipping others to do so) based on that information.

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