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Information Security Training
Managers, Employees
Data Privacy
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Data breaches can cost an organization money, market share, jobs and even reputation. What’s the best way to ensure that personal data is not misused or put at risk of unauthorized exposure? Well-trained employees.

The GDPR version of our Global Data Privacy course can provide this training. Using a combination of engaging videos, animations and interactive exercises, this course provides a solid, foundational knowledge of basic data privacy concepts. Employees will learn how to safely handle personal data and how to quickly and appropriately respond to potential or actual data breaches. Written to comply with the Global Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the course also includes guidelines for safely using technology, as well as role-specific information for employees who may handle more personal data as a part of their job.

Employees need the knowledge and skills to properly protect personal data, so they can help to minimize an organization’s risks, as well as the risks for the clients, customers and business partners that trust them. And it all starts with data privacy training.

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  • All Learners
All Learners

Key Concepts Covered In This Course:

  • Examples of personal and sensitive data
  • How GDPR impacts data security practices
  • Rights that protect the privacy of personal information
  • Guidelines for safely collecting, sharing and storing personal data
  • Best practices for protecting and storing personal data
  • Critical steps for responding to a breach
  • The importance of reporting all suspected and actual breaches
  • The roles that data processors, data controllers and the Data Privacy Officer play in protecting data privacy and responding to data breaches
  • Responsibilities of organizations that process or store large amounts of data
  • The critical nature of speaking up
  • Who to contact with suspicions, concerns or questions
  • Assurance the organization will investigate reports and take action as necessary
  • The policy against retaliation
  • The value of each employee in preserving the organization’s reputation and maintaining an ethical workplace


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