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Full Length Course
Employment Law Training
Managers, Employees
Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity and inclusion initiatives are vital engines that drive organizational success. From attracting top talent, maintaining employee morale, and creating an environment where everyone feels like part of the team, an inclusive, respectful workplace improves worker engagement and organizational reputation. This course provides instruction through the lenses of age, race, gender, cultural and origin, and discusses stereotypes, micro-inequities, and bias. Guidelines for appropriate behavior, communications, and creating a respectful workplace are provided.

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  • Employee
  • Manager

The employee version of NAVEX Global’s Inclusion & Respect course uses real-life stories and scenarios to demonstrate the power of words, actions, and stereotypes on others in the workplace.

Key Concepts Covered in This Course:20 min

Key guidelines and recommendations that help ensure employees are aware of situations where words or actions can impact coworkers and the workplace

Respecting different points of view and avoiding negativity

Stereotypes, bias and assumptions


The manager version of NAVEX Global’s Inclusion & Respect course covers diverse topics at four organizations within real-life scenarios. Additional manager only content discusses their unique role in modeling behavior, maintaining proper boundaries and being accessible to employees.

Key Concepts Covered in This Course:30 min

Commitment to a workplace that is inclusive and respectful

Best practices to support diversity and inclusion

Spotting and resolving employee complaints

Manager responsibilities

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