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Full Length Course
Employment Law Training
EEO - Equal Employment Opportunity Act, Title VII - Civil Rights Act of 1964
Harassment and Discrimination, Workplace Equity, Inclusion & Culture
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Discrimination is a challenge for employers of all sizes. Training managers on ways to create a culture of fairness and equal opportunity can help reduce the risk.

Discrimination-Free Workplace (Advanced) explores managers’ responsibilities for preventing discrimination. It focuses on key managers, such as recruiting, hiring, performance management and termination of employment, and provides best practices to help ensure they are carried out in a fair and non-discriminatory manner. The course provides examples of prohibited behaviors, as well as real-world scenarios and exercises to reinforce the knowledge and skills that managers need to foster a workplace culture built on equal opportunity.

A workplace free of discrimination is one where everyone has a chance to succeed. Managers who understand anti-discrimination best practices are in the best position to uphold their organization’s values.

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Course Details

  • Managers

Key concepts covered in this course:

  • Important considerations before recruiting begins
  • Best practices for the recruiting and hiring process
  • Obtaining information properly, including the risks of reviewing candidate social media posts and profiles
  • Interview best practices
  • Job assignments, promotions, training and apprenticeship programs
  • Best practices for making on-the-job decisions free of discrimination
  • Guidelines for proper performance management
  • Best practices for discrimination-free discipline and discharge of employees
  • Creating a careful discipline and discharge process
  • Review of the critical role employees and managers play in speaking up about illegal or unethical behavior
  • An opportunity to review key policies and certify


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