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Conflicts of Interest (COI)
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Personal pursuits and relationships outside the workplace can lead to richer, more fulfilling lives for employees. Inside the workplace, gifts and entertainment given or received in the course of a job can strengthen business bonds. This all adds up to a better working environment. But what happens when these situations conflict with the interests of the organization or put an organization at risk?

Conflicts of Interest provides critical guidance on recognizing and handling conflicts – or potential conflicts – that can threaten organizational integrity. Learners will explore how conflicts in key areas can harm their employer and put jobs at risk. Animation, video and interactive scenarios engage learners and drive home critical points and best practices.

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  • All Learners
All Learners

Key concepts covered in this course:

  • A definition of conflicts of interest
  • Situations where a conflict of interest may exist
  • Key questions to ask if you suspect a conflict
  • Defining and determining acceptable gifts
  • Using caution when offering gifts or hospitality
  • Best practices for responsible charitable and political activities
  • Starting a side business
  • Taking personal advantage of business opportunities
  • Situations that can affect judgment or create conflict
  • When to raise concerns or seek help
  • The value of each employee in preserving the organization’s reputation and ethical workplace