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Full Length Course
Employment Law Training
All Learners
Harassment and Discrimination, Workplace Equity, Inclusion & Culture
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Designed for a global audience, Global Workplace Harassment Prevention speaks to employees at any organization in any location about creating a culture of respect and inclusion, free of unlawful discrimination and a variety of harassing behaviors, including bullying, mobbing and sexual harassment. Throughout the course, emphasis is placed on identifying, responding to and reporting harassment in all of its forms.

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  • All Learners
All Learners

Key concepts covered in this course:

  • The full impact of harassment, from individuals to teams and organizations
  • Consequences of harassment, from legal penalties to costs in organizational time, money and reputation
  • Different types of harassment, including hostile work environment, quid pro quo and abusive conduct
  • An explanation of retaliation and reprisal
  • Commonly protected characteristics
  • Bullying and mobbing
  • Forms of harassment, including verbal, written, visual and physical
  • Who can be a harasser – and who can be a victim
  • When and where workplace harassment can happen
  • Actions to take if they witness or experience harassment
  • The importance of speaking up about harassment
  • How to report possible harassment to an internal resource


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