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Full Length Course
Employment Law Training
EEO - Equal Employment Opportunity Act, Title VII - Title VII of the Civil Rights Act
Harassment and Discrimination
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Discrimination-Free Workplace (Advanced) builds on the Basics version of this course and gives managers the knowledge they need to identify and prevent discrimination. As managers are often the first point of contact when employees have discrimination concerns, it is imperative that they understand what discrimination looks like and how to handle reports. This course will help managers discover how discrimination can appear throughout all phases of the employment relationship and will help them explore best practices for handling employee concerns with professionalism and care. Click here to view the Basic version of this course.

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  • Managers

Key concepts covered in this course:

  • When discrimination laws and policies apply
  • Guidelines for recruiting and referrals
  • How to prevent discrimination in job assignments, pay, benefits and development opportunities
  • Discipline and termination without discrimination
  • Best practices for managing employee concerns of discrimination


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