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Information Security Training
Cyber Security
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Research shows that preventable cyber security incidents can cost the average organization millions each year. There’s no question that managers have an important job – especially when it comes to keeping your systems, network and devices safe.

This course is designed to educate managers on how to protect their organizations from these risks and ensures managers clearly understand the unique position they are in to protect their organization from cyber security risk. Make sure your managers are prepared for it with this advanced cyber security course.

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  • All Learners
All Learners

Key Concepts Covered In This Course:

  • Education and support for employees about security policies and procedures
  • Maintaining a workplace where employees feel comfortable voicing concerns and asking questions
  • Tips for handling concerns promptly and appropriately
  • Onboarding tips for setting the tone with new employees
  • Setting clear expectations and guidelines for current employees
  • Responding to, and planning for, voluntary and involuntary terminations
  • Evaluating and selecting third parties that meet security standards
  • Tips for monitoring an existing third party to ensure continued compliance with cyber security standards
  • Involvement of IT early in the process to discuss and explore security standards, safeguards and policies
  • Responding appropriately to the concern
  • Elevating the report as necessary
  • Understanding key policies and procedures
  • When to seek guidance from another resource
  • Learners review the organization’s commitment to integrity, policies and resources and certify completion of the course


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