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Employment Law Training
NY, CT, IL, DE & ME legislation, SB 1343, SB 396, AB 2053, FEHA - Fair Employment and Housing Act, AB 1825
Managers, Employees
Workplace Harassment
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NAVEX Global actively updates our courseware as legislative and cultural expectations require. Since January 2019, anti-harassment legislation in Connecticut, New York and Illinois have necessitated updates to Workplace Harassment course content. Existing Workplace Harassment customers with operations in Connecticut, New York or Illinois should contact NAVEX Global elearning customer services to ensure they are training their learners with the most up to date content.

NAVEX Global’s Workplace Harassment eLearning course has been the premier anti-harassment training course in the market for nearly 20 years. Updated at a regular 24-month cadence, this course is the foundation for thousands of organizations’ approach to training their learners on workplace harassment rules, regulations and expectations.

Workplace Harassment, 8th Edition, provides learners with a comprehensive look at key aspects of harassment, including definitions and best practices for handling and reporting harassment. Learners will explore harassment fundamentals, best practices for responding to harassment and additional content that will help them comply with policy and expectations. Manager-specific versions include additional information that covers their unique responsibilities in preventing and responding to harassment, including handling complaints and creating a culture of ethics and respect.

Five distinct versions of this course are available, depending on your training requirements. Specific course versions are available to help employers meet anti-harassment training requirements in California, Connecticut, Delaware, Maine and New York.

If you are unsure about which versions of Workplace Harassment you require to meet your regulatory and training requirements, please reach out to your account executive for assistance.

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* This course is intended to assist employers in meeting a minimum threshold regarding required training requirements. However, as specified by AB 1825, completion of the training should not discourage or relieve any employer from providing for longer, more frequent, or more elaborate training and education regarding workplace harassment or other forms of unlawful discrimination in order to meet its obligations to take all reasonable steps necessary to prevent and correct harassment and discrimination.

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  • Employee
  • Manager

30-minute Employee Fundamentals addresses key anti-harassment topics that every employee should understand, from their role in harassment prevention to how to appropriately identify and respond to harassment situations.

40-minute Employee Plus for Select States extends those core learnings to include workplace relationships and additional information that aligns to training specifications for employees in New York, Maine and Delaware and includes state-specific information.

60-minute Employee Complete is designed to align to California’s employee training requirements as defined in its AB 1825, AB 2053, FEHA and SB 1343 legislation and includes state-specific information. Employee Complete addresses gender identity, abusive conduct, diversity and other topics beyond Employee Fundamentals and Employee Plus.

Key concepts covered in this courseFundamentals - 30 minEmployee Plus for Select States - 40 minEmployee Complete - 60 min

Harassment fundamentals

Forms of harassment

Protected categories

Dating and social relationships


Your role in preventing harassment

When to speak up

How to respond to and report harassment

Diversity in the workplace


The power of empathy


Abusive conduct


Gender identity and expression


75-minute Manager Fundamentals adapts core lessons to the specific roles and responsibilities of managers, and addresses how to manage and respond to harassment complaints, as well as leading and maintaining a culture of respect and prevention.

120-minute Manager Complete includes every module referenced in this document and includes modules on harassment fundamentals, diversity, discrimination and national origin, workplace dating, abusive conduct, gender identity and expression, and how to manage and respond to complaints. Manager Complete aligns to California’s training requirements for supervisors.

Key concepts covered in this course:Manager Fundamentals - 75 minManager Complete - 120 min

Harassment fundamentals

Forms of harassment

Protected categories

Your role in preventing harassment

Responding to complaints

Best practices for managing complaints

How to avoid retaliation

Handling complaints against a manager

Monitoring the workplace and culture

Leading by example

Discrimination and national origin harassment


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