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Full Length Course
Compliance Training
FAR - Federal Acquisition Regulation
All Learners
Government Contracting

Specific rules apply to information exchanged and used during the government bid and proposal process. These rules govern employee interactions with the government employees, what information they can access and use in the bid and proposal process and even what kinds of employment discussions an organization can have with government officials who are involved in the procurement process. These restrictions, part of the Procurement Integrity Act (PIA), help ensure that organizations and individuals who are competing for federal contracts are treated equally and are on a level playing field.

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  • All Learners
All Learners

Key concepts covered in this course:

  • Overview of the Procurement Integrity Act (PIA)
  • Prohibition of improper disclosure of bid and proposal information
  • Rules against obtaining and using competitor bid and proposal information
  • Definition of source selection information
  • Importance of confidentiality and proper handling of information
  • Obligation to report suspected violations of policy and the law
  • Policy against retaliation
  • Consequences of violating policy and the law

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