Top Three Findings from our 2016 EMEA & APAC Hotline Benchmark Report


To access the full findings from our 2016 EMEA & APAC Ethics & Compliance Whistleblowing Hotline Benchmark Report, download the report here.

Benchmarking your organisation’s data against your peers across EMEA & APAC provides critical insights into the health of your ethics and compliance programmes. Our new report gives the most comprehensive picture of whistleblowing hotline and reporting systems and their effectiveness in EMEA & APAC.

This year’s analysis of our data from our participating EMEA and APAC whistleblowing and fraud hotline clients revealed several key findings compliance professionals in EMEA and APAC can use to benchmark their programme’s performance and move toward predictive risk mitigation. To see all of our findings, download the report here

  1. Report Volume is Very Low

    In the last two years, less than half of one percent of all employees made reports that were captured by their employers. Of those reports, 72 percent were HR, Diversity and Workplace Respect related cases. Even those companies who track reports from all sources (web, whistleblowing hotline, open door, walk-in, mobile and email), had less than half a percent of employees reporting.

    While we recognise there are various restrictions in the EU regarding the types of reports that can be accepted (these are typically limited to accounting, auditing, finance and misappropriation of assets) there was a high percentage of HR-related reports in the system.

    Research has shown that the primary reasons why employees do not report are:
    • Lack of awareness of the available whistleblowing reporting mechanisms
    • Belief that nothing will be done about their concern
    • Fear of retaliation 

    To review the rest of the findings from our 2016 EMEA & APAC Ethics & Compliance Hotline Benchmark Report, get your copy here.

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