Reflecting on the E.U. Ethics & Compliance Landscape: One Year After Opening Our U.K. Office

The growing shift in the E.U. away from piecemeal ethics and compliance programme components and towards a more comprehensive approach is an important and exciting evolution to witness.

We announced this autumn the one-year anniversary of our London office (see the press release here) and the acceleration of our effort to meet the demand for better governance, risk and compliance solutions in the E.U. and around the world. Our London office has grown swiftly this past year to help our clients build the programs they’ll need to protect and strengthen their organisations for many years to come.

As the market matures, we’re continuing to see an increased focus on data privacy, secure storage and management of data—although each country in the E.U. is tackling these things in its own unique and nuanced way. We continue to adjust our products and services based on the cultural fingerprint of each country we serve.

Our on-the-ground presence in the E.U. also better equips us to meet the challenges of a rapidly changing business environment. For example, earlier this year, we quickly responded to the expansion of whistleblower reporting options enabled by the French data protection regulatory authority, the Commission Nationale de L'informatique (CNIL). We now offer our clients a 24-hour European internal reporting contact centre, backed by a software-as-a-service-based incident management solution. Facts documented in ethics and compliance reports captured through the system are stored within the E.U. and collection follows best practices set forth by E.U. data privacy authorities. Native-speaking and writing intake specialists are dedicated to our clients, and reflect cultural subtleties.

Beyond responding to changes in the industry, we’re also heavily invested in creating a scalable ethics and compliance ecosystem that will help our clients meet their needs today and in the future. Our policy management software not only centrally manages the creation and distribution of global policies and procedures, it connects to both our incident management software and compliance training to help clients gain unprecedented insight into their entire ethics and compliance programmes. Further, our third party risk management solution extends compliance to third parties, creating an automated, centralised and trackable system for third party due diligence, training and policy attestation.

London has truly become a hub for developing solutions to globally interconnected risk and compliance challenges. Contributing to and helping shape that conversation as it happens is making us a stronger partner for the clients we serve.

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