NAVEX Exchange: Reaching Senior Execs with the Right Message, Vehicle and Teachings


Current events demonstrate daily that senior executives can pose high risks to an organization.  One of the biggest risks, in fact.  And we continue to hear from ethics and compliance officers – as well as from senior executives themselves – that making time for executive-level training to avoid those costly errors is a challenge.  Yet there is no doubt that upper management, the C-suite and boards of directors need ethics and compliance training as well.

Most often, ethics and compliance training programs are designed for employees and do not address the issues and the special responsibilities that high-level executives in an organization would face. Which is why most executive training often is conducted in-person at high cost and utilizing valuable time and can easily get scheduled over, moved and/or not conducted at all.

In contrast, NAVEX Exchange is a convenient and efficient online thought leadership series of videos delivered by senior executives for senior executives. It is the most engaging and relevant executive-level content in the marketplace and leverages the knowledge of our 8000+ clients, legal and compliance industry leaders and our highly-respected Advisory Services team.

And, because reaching senior leaders where they are – and at times that are convenient for them – was key for us in developing the series, the videos are all short (5 minutes) and accessible from mobile devices. Each video also includes links to other valuable assets and information so executives can take a deeper dive into a particular topic area. Videos will continually be added to the robust ethics and compliance library, with additional topics scheduled throughout 2014.

A demonstration of NAVEX Exchange is available online. Feel free to review our press release for additional detail as well.

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