The Professional Services organization and its team of consultants within NAVEX Global work with clients to move beyond the technical integration challenges found in typical engagements, and more appropriately target a deeper understanding of their particular business challenges.


Professional Services Overview

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They work to better align our applications with clients’ GRC initiatives and approach each engagement with a successful track record of improving an organization’s overall compliance-based processes. Emphasizing the importance of integrating all associated business processes, our consultants develop a manageable strategy to fully leverage the NAVEX Global™ suite of products and services.

Our consultants guide clients through our documented Professional Services Methodology. The Methodology serves as a general guideline, with each project designed around our clients’ unique goals, objectives and time frames. 

We work with clients to get the most from their investment in our products, ensuring that:

  • All activities and deliverables are clearly defined
  • Timelines are well managed; and
  • Stakeholders are involved and actively participating at the appropriate level.

Especially for complex organizations with multiple stakeholder groups, our Services can greatly increase adoption, buy-in, training efficacy and cooperation.


QuickStart Services

NAVEX Global’s QuickStart Consulting Service uses a methodology which creates solutions that address your business objectives and accelerates implementing your defined solution. Designed specifically for use with advanced versions of our case management system, the QuickStart Consulting Service supports your incident management implementation requirements following best practice processes.

Global Whistleblower Compliance Consulting

Staying ahead of differing global mandates and laws to ensure data privacy and security is a major challenge. NAVEX Global’s data privacy experts will help you implement a whistleblower program that offers employees a secure and confidential platform for reporting their concerns while satisfying the many requirements of data protection laws worldwide. Learn more

Program Audit & Optimization Engagement

The NAVEX Global Program Audit and Optimization Service is designed to help you make the most of your partnership with us. Intended for existing customers who desire to extend current or unused functionality within the case management system, our business solutions consultants will conduct an enterprise-wide evaluation of your business objectives then leverage their expertise and knowledge of case management solutions to present best practice recommendations for gaining a more substantial, effective return on your investment.

Integration Services

Integration Services provide a mix of engineering, integration expertise and industry knowledge to maximize product efficiency for business of any size. The Integration Service combines the professional setup of our solution based on best practices with integration of our products with third-party products or any kind of web services.

Custom Consulting Engagement

NAVEX Global’s Custom Consulting Services focus on developing customized solutions for clients, including an assessment of current and preferred GRC environments. We ensure the planning, design, development, implementation, deployment and employee training of your solution is managed effectively and promotes best practices across all business units.

Change Management Consulting

Change Management Consulting addresses the impact of our project on client stakeholders and business users. When business processes are changed and a new application is implemented, the overall productivity of the organization and its people is expected to decline initially. The objective of change management activities is to minimize the disruption caused by new applications and changes in processes, prepare the users for the change, and help organizations achieve improved levels of productivity more efficiently.