A partnership based on mutual respect and collaboration produces better results for you, and helps us to refine and improve our products.

To contact our Client Care team, submit a Support Request, or find an answer to your question, please visit our NAVEX Global Client Resource Center.

We offer a wide range governance, risk and compliance management products and services, most of which are improved by working with our dedicated team of client care specialists.  At NAVEX Global, our aim is to combine innovative technology with superb ongoing customer service, which is where the Client Care Organization excels.

Client Care Philosophy

We aim to:

  • Always listen: to client needs, desires, concerns and work to appropriately address them
  • Be accessible: we are always eager and available to answer questions
  • Demonstrate useful knowledge: we know what other clients have experienced and can bring that knowledge to bear to assist you to use our technology better and meet your business needs
  • Provide resources: our client resource center is at your disposal with additional resources to provide overall industry knowledge and refine your use of our products and services

What Clients Say

What Clients Say:

  • “I can't say enough about the level of professionalism displayed by the team. I'm very impressed with the overall experience as a customer!”
  • “Very few companies are so quick to respond to support emails. It is a very pleasant experience that you have always able to do so and help me with the issue in a limited number of communications.”
  • “Your support has been OUTSTANDING! I very much appreciated the quick turnaround time, and easy resolution.”
  • “Issues are always resolved in a timely manner. Everyone I talk to is very helpful and I have no complaints whatsoever. Keep up the good work, it's appreciated! “