Ethics & compliance consulting services for risk and program assessment, Board training, code of conduct writing

No other single organization can provide the breadth and depth of expertise found on NAVEX Global's Advisory Services team. Recognized by ethics and compliance officers worldwide for their experience and expertise, our team provides program and risk assessments, training, code of conduct authoring and consulting services to help companies strengthen their compliance programs.



An outside expert resource can deliver an independent and experienced perspective essential to developing effective, proven programs. Our Advisory Services team, our expert compliance consultants, has established a reputation for unmatched expertise in the ethics and compliance field.

Our Advisory Services Team

We have become the most respected ethics and compliance global consulting organization by identifying program process issues, performing critical assessments and providing innovative solutions and advice on issues essential to our clients' business reputation and success.

Our competitive advantage is the experience and expertise of our people. The team averages more than 20 years of industry experience, and our professionals each have extensive real-world and operational knowledge.

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Why engage our expert advisors for an assessment? The US Sentencing Commission has written: "The potential fine range for a criminal conviction can be significantly reduced - in some cases up to 95% - if an organization can demonstrate that it had put in place an effective compliance and ethics program and that the criminal violation represented an aberration within an otherwise law-abiding community."

Make sure yours measures up.

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See our assessment work for BAE Systems on display.

Investigation Services

Hundreds of organizations have turned to NAVEX Global for guidance on how to properly investigate alleged employee misconduct. The United Nations selected our expert advisors to consult on revisions to its ethics investigation procedures and to train staff in New York, the Congo and Sierra Leone on how to properly and effectively investigate such claims. We conduct confidential investigations and provide expert advice on investigations to all types of organizations, including for-profit and non-profit organizations.

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Framework Review

An Ethics and Compliance Framework Review helps evaluate the status of your ethics and compliance program relative to regulatory requirements, accepted common standards and best practices. The Ethical Leadership Group advisors has structured its review process and work plan recommendations around the U.S. Federal Sentencing Guidelines for Organizations, including the 2010 amendments and other defined and accepted frameworks. Our overview process will help your company develop a compliance work plan by recommending cost effective, practical ways of improving and furthering your ethics and compliance program or building it from disparate components.

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In-Person Training

Our team will work with you to determine the best way to achieve your organization’s compliance and ethics training goals, especially for leadership teams, boards of directors and managers.

We can also develop a blended training approach combining in-person and online compliance for any topic on which your workforce needs to train.

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Independent Monitoring

Our Advisory Services team can serve as independent, appointed monitors or examiners for Deferred Prosecution Agreements (DPAs), Administrative Agreements (AAs) and Corporate Integrity Agreements (CIAs) after an organization reaches a settlement with a government agency.

Our expert advisors provide ongoing monitoring for the duration of the agreement and continued recommendations for program implementation and improvement. We also communicate findings to government agencies.

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Integrity Diagnostics

Insights from the world’s largest repository of ethics and compliance data

Integrity Diagnostics is NAVEX Global’s proprietary advanced diagnostic tool and compliance data center designed to help you understand your program's historical patterns and benchmark them against your industry peer group and across various industries.

Our Advisory Services team provides expert data analysis to deliver insight on the underlying issues and your organizational culture accompanied by management-ready reports that include tangible recommendations and actionable program suggestions to improve ethics and compliance program effectiveness.

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Strategic Expert Advisors

Organizations often need an infusion of ethics and compliance expertise to handle a particular challenge. NAVEX Global’s Advisory Services team provides a cost-effective resource that is committed to success without the committed investment of a full-time employee.

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