NAVEX Global, a leading provider of governance, risk and compliance software and solutions, has funded a $1,000 scholarship to encourage the study of ethics and compliance within organizations.

To apply for the 2015 NAVEX Global Scholarship, complete the following two steps:

  1. Take this 14 question survey which will ask you your opinions regarding conduct in the workplace.
  2. Respond to the following essay prompt in 500 words:
    1. Identify a recent whistleblowing incident from the news. Discuss the impact that this incident had on the company’s people, reputation, bottom line and corporate culture.
    2. Give us your thoughts on whether the impact was effective in preventing this kind of incident happening in this organization again, or in other similar organizations. (Did the incident cause change within the industry or prevent future harm? Did the organization stay the same and not address the issue? Was the reward to the whistleblower appropriate?)
    3. Do you believe the response to the whistleblowing incident was appropriate? Why or why not?

The submission period for this scholarship has now ended. Thank you for participating in the NAVEX Global Scholarship Survey. This survey will be awarded Fall 2015.

Please note that both steps are required - students must complete the survey and submit an essay to be eligible for the scholarship. However, your specific answers do not impact your eligibility and will be randomized.

The scholarship is open to students in the United States who are currently enrolled as full-time college freshmen, sophomores and juniors, as well as high school seniors. Only one entry is permitted per student.

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