What are the key trends in your industry for incident reporting? How often does fraud and other types of misconduct get reported? Experienced ethics officers will tell you that one of the most effective ethics and compliance program measurement tools they have is the data from their internal reporting systems. But how do you put that data into perspective so that you can demonstrate program effectiveness and report meaningful and actionable data to senior leadership and the Board?

The 2014 Ethics and Compliance Hotline Benchmark Report is a resource you can use to benchmark your compliance program against industry standards and provide actionable insights into policy management, training, awareness, and more. Helpline data that is carefully tracked, reviewed, benchmarked, and presented with context often provides the early warning signs needed to detect, prevent, and resolve problems.

This report shares the latest 2013 trends and benchmarking data from the NAVEX Global reporting database—the largest database of its kind in the world.

Benchmarking will help your organization answer questions such as:

  • Do we need more training?
  • Do we need to review or update our policies?
  • Do enough employees know about our reporting channels?
  • Are our investigations thorough and effective?
  • Does our culture support employees who raise concerns?

* NAVEX Global's 2015 Ethics and Compliance Hotline Benchmark Report is now available.

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