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Policy Management Bootcamp: Policy Management Practices: A How-To Guide

Whip your policy management program into shape in three quick webinars.

Approaches to policy management are many and varied. But regardless of your approach, there is one consistent, all-important element: people. Only people can determine whether policies meet objectives and provide the desired safety net for employees and other stakeholders. And while the right technology can transform the nature of policy management from task-based to strategic, technology does not make strategic decisions nor does it determine content. Your people do.

In the second session of our three-part Policy Management Bootcamp, you will learn how to assemble a policy oversight committee, how to document the policy development process and how to ensure policies meet long-term compliance goals.

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NAHQ 39th Annual Educational Conference

Nashville, TN

NAHQ invites you to join us for the 39th Annual Educational Conference 'Quality in Harmony Across the Continuum' this September 7-10, 2014. Once again, the meeting will feature excellent educational sessions from best educators in healthcare quality, along with networking and collaboration designed to enhance your professional skills.

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7 Steps to Investigate Alleged Employee Misconduct & Writing Investigative Reports: Online Training Seminar

Join us for our highly interactive, step-by-step online seminar to learn practical skills for how to investigate and document allegations of compliance violations, fraud, harassment, discrimination, theft and other employee misconduct.

Read the full event brochure here.

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