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WEBINAR: Live Third Party Risk Management Solution Demonstration

Take the Risk and Effort Out of Third Party Due Diligence

See our Third Party Risk Management Solution Live

Sign up for a no-pressure group demo to see how your company can benefit from:

  • A centralized scalable Saas platform for managing due diligence activities
  • The ability to assess EVERY third party 24/7/365 and then apply additional due diligence to those that pose the highest risks
  • The automation of cumbersome tasks such as questionnaires, compliance data collection, risk assessment and risk remediation workflow
  • An efficient and automated workflow that drives down cost

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WEBINAR: Benchmarking Your Hotline in 2015: How Does Your Data Measure Up?

Benchmarking Your Hotline in 2015: How Does Your Data Measure Up?

Hosted by HR Daily Advisor

Ethics officers agree - one of the most effective ways to measure your compliance program is by analyzing data from internal reporting systems. But how can you know what is good or bad without context? We’ve compiled 2014 calendar year statistics from over 5,000 company reporting systems for our annual Hotline Benchmark Report. The key findings will surprise you --  for example, retaliation reports are up 125% since 2013!

After this educational webinar you’ll be able to use industry benchmarks to understand:

  • How effective your anonymous ethics helpline is
  • If you are getting the right numbers and types of reports
  • How to interpret findings and correlate them to actions for you compliance program
  • What types of data is meaningful and actionable for reports to executive leadership

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2015 AONE Annual Conference

Join NAVEX Global in Phoenix, AZ!

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