NAVEX Global’s 50-State Compliant Wage & Hour course educates your workforce about the basics of state and federal law as well as your policies.

The course translates critical wage and hour issues like overtime, off-the-clock work and meal and rest breaks, into real-life stories that your employees will understand and remember.

Wage and hour claims are today's single greatest employment law risk. With wage and hour litigation continuing to explode, NAVEX Global’s course is a critical part of your compliance program. Wage & Hour is specifically designed to help establish powerful affirmative defenses and can change your risk profile today.


  • Establishes good-faith defenses to wage and hour claims
  • Designed with Littler and the DOL's former Wage & Hour Division Administrator
  • Federal and state law configurable
  • Employee and manager versions
  • Endorsed by SHRM
  • Fully customizable

Time and Delivery

Course Length Options:

  • Standard employee course-30 minutes.
  • Standard manager course-75 to 90 minutes.

Delivery Options

Three Powerful Training Formats

Three powerful training formats draw learners into an engaging, realistic and impactful sexual harassment training experience.

  • Part One provides managers and employees with foundational learning on critical issues. Set as a TV news show, this section puts wage & hour lessons into a vivid, real-world context. More than 75 interactive exercises model behavior and reinforce the importance of reporting.
  • Part Two features detailed wage & hour training content for managers. In this highly interactive section, characters talk directly to your managers. These realistic simulations challenge managers to apply their knowledge and solve realistic problems drawn directly from Littler’s employment law practice.
  • Part Three highlights your wage & hour policies with NAVEX Global’s Policy in Action tool. Learners search your policies to find answers to your custom interactive questions.

Wage and Hour

Set as TV news show, Part 1 of the course translates critical wage and hour issues into vivid, real-world context for employees and managers.

Developed by Top Legal Experts

This program was created with Littler's nationally recognized team of wage and hour experts, and the DOL's former wage and hour administrator. Every detail has been put to the test to ensure this course impacts judges, juries, regulators, and employees.

State Law Smart

This course's smart logic ensures that each learner is trained on both federal law, and the laws of the state where the learner works. Based on a learner's location, course content is automatically and intelligently configured. NAVEX Global is the only training provider in the market to offer this unique capability, helping employers manage costly state law litigation risk.

Helps Establish Powerful Legal Defenses

Wage and hour training is compelling evidence of good faith efforts to comply with the law. If your organization is sued, NAVEX Global’s Wage & Hour course can help establish a good faith defense, and dramatically reduce damage awards or the settlement value of a case.

Concise & Impactful

Address one of your most pressing concerns-time--related training costs. Precision design creates a 30-minute employee program and a 75 to 90-minute manager program, depending on the content you select.

The Wage & Hour Epidemic

  • Wage and hour class action lawsuits are exploding, outpacing all workplace discrimination claims combined. Wage and hour class actions now account for an astonishing 84 percent of all employment class-actions filed.
  • The Department of Labor (DOL) estimates that 80%+ of employers are out of compliance with federal and state wage and hour laws.
  • Wage and hour settlements have reached record highs, averaging $23.5M on the federal level and $24.4M on the state level.
  • The DOL has an increased budget and hundreds of additional field investigators to enforce wage and hour laws.
  • Employers face a web of continually evolving state and federal laws, with state law driving the most costly litigation.