Ethics & Code of Conduct training is a critical component of your compliance program. Are your employees fully engaged in the values and principles that matter most to your organization?

Ethics & Code of Conduct is designed to help organizations comply with Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) directives, the Federal Sentencing Guidelines (FSGs), Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) amendments and the Dodd-Frank Act.


  • Choose from 30+ modular topics
  • Fully customizable to reflect your code, policies and reporting procedures
  • Innovative storylines written in close collaboration with compliance professionals and Littler
  • Designed for domestic and international audiences
  • Captivating video scenarios reflect real ethical dilemmas
  • 35+ modular topics to create a course that reflects your training priorities
  • Distributes and tracks your Code
  • Meets SOX, FSG, and FAR mandates
  • Tracks learner status and completion
  • Endorsed by SHRM

Time and Delivery

Course Options

  • Customize course length to meet you specific needs
  • Use NAVEX Global’s pre-configured courses:
  • 30 Mins Basic Course
  • 60 Mins Standard Course

Delivery Options

Built upon years of industry experience, millions of employees trained, and the unparalleled expertise of the Ethical Leadership Group and Littler, NAVEX Global's customizable Ethics and Code of Conduct course is unlike any other training solution available today.

  • Innovative. Storylines written by Hollywood screenwriters in close collaboration with ethics and compliance experts
  • Captivating. Video scenarios that reflect today’s real ethical dilemmas and compliance challenges
  • Global. Courses designed for domestic and international audiences that can be delivered in multiple languages
  • Interactive. Exercises that are challenging, engaging, and designed to increase retention
  • Modular. More than 35 modular topics make it possible to create a course that is as unique as your organization
  • Customizable. Powerful customization and branding options offer organizations the flexibility to deliver code training that is relevant to your organization
  • Refreshed. Content is refreshed and reproduced on a regular cycle, eliminating learner fatigue

With NAVEX Global the choice is yours—offering options from branding, to content selection, to course customization, the solution you create will effectively communicate your organization’s values, Code, and compliance priorities, and it will change behaviors, and mitigate risk.

Ethics & Code of Conduct is designed to help organizations comply with Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) directives, the Federal Sentencing Guidelines (FSGs), Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) amendments, and the Dodd-Frank Act.

Control Your Ethics Course Content & Length

Three powerful training formats create an impactful learning experience. Each independent, modular component can be easily customized.

  • Part One is set as a TV news show that puts ethics lessons into vivid, real-world context. Full-motion video storylines and interactive exercises bring lessons to life and capture learners' attention.
  • In Part Two, learners takes control in this innovative series called Ethics Street. A cast of characters presents the main character, Jack, with a variety of challenging ethical dilemmas. It's up to the learner to help him make the right and ethical choices.
  • In Part Three, learners join an interactive news challenge, sharing information, earning rewards, and keeping notes along the way.
  • Part Four highlights your Code with our innovative "Code in Action" tool. Learners search the Code to find answers to your custom interactive questions.

Set as TV news show, Part 1 introduces the importance of your Code and covers the most universally applicable compliance topics.

Communicate Your Code

Map the lessons presented in your ethics training to your Code of Conduct, and train learners on the topics that are critical for your work environment. Track delivery and individual acknowledgment of your code, along with your specific reporting procedures.

Target Specific Audiences with Easily-Configured Course Versions

Create separate course versions for executives, managers, employees, or other work groups. An international version of our course, available in multiple languages, allows you to train your global workforce while ensuring that lessons are delivered in a consistent manner.

Practical, Relevant Content from Trusted Experts

Ethics & Code of Conduct was created by Navex Global's Ethical Leadership Group [link to /services/advisory-services] in conjunction with Littler, the world's largest employment law and workplace compliance firm. Our ethics training and compliance content was refined in close partnership with Fortune 500 companies, human-resource experts, and nationally recognized ethics training specialists.

The Digital Library maps the lessons presented in your ethics training to your Code of Conduct, and trains learners on the topics that are critical to your work environment.


Available Topics Include

  • Anti-Money Laundering
  • Antitrust
  • Asset Protection
  • Code of Conduct - Definition & Importance
  • Compensation & Bonuses
  • Competing & Dealing Ethically
  • Confidential Information
  • Conflicts of Interest
  • Document & Records Protection
  • Ethical Culture & Values
  • Ethical Decision Making
  • Environmental Sustainability
  • Export Controls
  • FCPA
  • Financial Integrity
  • Fraud & Misappropriation


  • Gift Giving & Receiving
  • Government Contracting
  • Harassment & Discrimination
  • Health & Safety
  • Information Security
  • Intellectual Property
  • Insider Trading
  • Political Activity
  • Pretexting
  • Privacy
  • Record Keeping
  • Reporting
  • Sarbanes-Oxley
  • Social Responsibility
  • Third Party Management
  • Technology Use
  • Wage & Hour Compliance

Meet Ongoing Ethics Training & Compliance Challenges

Ethics & Code of Conduct is designed to be periodically refreshed and updated. Change the topics presented to meet ongoing compliance training challenges. Keep learners engaged by reconfiguring your ethics training course over time.

Companion burst learning solutions keep ethics and compliance front and center throughout the year.