Critical diversity training for your entire workforce that goes beyond legal compliance and managing risk

NAVEX Global's Diversity & Inclusion course helps your organization succeed in an increasingly diverse, global and competitive workplace. Through engaging stories and interactive exercises, learners explore the importance of diversity and inclusion, and how to support your organization's diversity efforts.

Fully vetted by Littler, Diversity & Inclusion exposes your workforce to new concepts and material that go far beyond what is covered in EEO compliance programs. The course challenges assumptions about diversity and equips learners with the essential skills to stay competitive in today's diverse and global workplace.


  • Prepares employees for an increasingly diverse and global workplace
  • Establishes the importance of diversity and inclusion
  • Establishes expectations and responsibilities around inclusion efforts
  • Designed in partnership with Littler
  • Covers emerging trends
  • Features video with interactive Q&A exercises (Audio and text versions available)
  • Fully customizable 

Time and Delivery

Course Length Options:

  • 60 minute manager course.
  • 30 minute employee course.

Delivery Options

The Importance of Going Beyond Legal Compliance

Training on harassment and discrimination prevention is critical to set clear rules and to establish important legal protections. But to remain competitive in today's diverse and global workplace, organizations must also focus on their culture and the ability of employees to effectively collaborate. In a diverse workplace, even subtle personal differences (including those not protected by employment laws) impact employee productivity and engagement.

When employees are not equipped to understand and support those differences, it damages the work environment and undermines key business objectives. Without effective diversity training, employees often struggle to navigate the complexities of the modern workplace and fail to see the incredible opportunities that diversity presents for an organization.

Diversity and Inclusion

Set as a TV news show, Diversity & Inclusion ensures a thought-provoking and non-threatening experience for your learners.

Course Design & Content

Diversity & Inclusion puts contemporary lessons into a vivid, real-world context that will resonate with your managers and employees. All scenarios are carefully crafted to ensure a thought-provoking and non-threatening experience for your learners. Employees discover the many aspects of diversity and how diversity benefits each employee.

Diversity and Inclusion

Employees discover the many aspects of diversity and how diversity benefits each employee.

Diversity Fundamentals for Managers & Employees

  • The value and benefits of diversity and inclusion
  • Dimensions of diversity
  • Respectful and inclusive language
  • Impact of behavior on others
  • Micro-inequities
  • Being a diversity ally and owning the culture
  • Using internal resources to improve the culture
  • Appropriate conflict resolution
  • Building productive and respectful working relationships
  • Personal behaviors that can foster inclusion

Diversity Advanced for Managers

  • Roles and responsibilities
  • The business case for diversity
  • How to support and advocate for diversity and inclusion efforts
  • Personal behaviors and biases
  • Dealing with reluctant employees
  • The importance of diversity training
  • Managing conflict and improving team dynamics
  • Engaging diverse employees
  • Recruiting diverse employees
  • Leveraging differences to achieve business objectives