With more than 50 e-learning solutions addressing today’s most pressing HR and business compliance concerns, our solutions help your organization prevent misconduct, build powerful legal defenses and create a culture of accountability, inclusion and respect.

HR Suite

Our HR Suite consists of more than 20 unique e-learning courses across four major training categories. Each course is modular and highly customizable and will deliver an unparalleled learning experience, change behaviors and help your organization mitigate risk and build critical legal defenses.

Harassment Prevention Training

Discrimination-Free Workplace Training

  • Discrimination-Free Workplace (EEO)
  • Religious Discrimination & Accommodation
  • Disability Discrimination & Accommodation

Respectful Workplace Training

Employment Law Essentials

  • Wage & Hour
  • Wage & HourHealthcare 
  • Family & Medical Leave Act
  • Drug-Free Workplace
  • Lawful Hiring & Performance Management
  • Advanced Interviewing & Hiring Lawfully
  • Complaints & Investigations
  • Terminating Lawfully & Reductions in Force

Business Compliance

This Suite consists of more than 20 unique e-Learning courses, each designed to address a specific compliance learning need in a modular and highly customizable way.

Business Compliance Essentials

Extended Code of Conduct Training

  • Avoiding & Preventing Insider Trading 
  • Protecting Intellectual Property
  • Global Data Privacy
  • Financial Integrity (extended)
  • Records Management
  • Careful Business Communications
  • Social Media: Your Responsibilities
  • Social Media and the Workplace
  • Technology Use & Security
  • Workplace Privacy

Burst Learning (5-8 minute training solutions)