Employee hotline, helpline whistleblowing services for incident reporting and event capture
NAVEX Global provides more employee whistleblower and ethics hotlines – and more incident reporting services – than any other hotline provider. All compliance reports – whether via anonymous employee hotline/helpline, custom web portal or manager open-door report form – are captured in a central incident management repository to support investigation, remediation, reporting and trend analysis.

NAVEX Global was the first ever vendor to offer an employee hotline and the first to integrate telephony and web-based report capture. Today, we’re the largest compliance hotline provider in the world and the recognized leader in risk data collection, investigation and analysis systems. The NAVEX Global ethics hotline service seamlessly integrates with Case Management software, allowing the capture of compliance reports and whistleblower incidents that come in through all of your intake methods. Find out more about Case Management software.

Key Benefits of Ethics Hotline Services

  • NAVEX Global employee hotline service is tailored to your compliance program needs, meeting your business objectives and protecting your most valuable asset, your reputation.
  • Unlike other employee hotline providers, the NAVEX Global ethics hotline is configured to maintain report collection consistency across all reported issues so that you are guaranteed uniformity and accuracy in all reports.
  • Provides peace of mind that your employees, customers and constituents have access to an "always on" hotline anywhere in the world.
  • Seamlessly integrates with web-based reporting and NAVEX Global EthicsPoint case management

Translation & Interpretation Services

NAVEX Global's contact centers currently provide services to more than 200 countries and territories around the world. We partner with industry leaders to provide translation/ interpretation in over 180 languages, 24/7/365, on all of our whistleblower hotlines. Reports entered via the web can be translated on a per-report basis upon request.

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Custom Web Report Forms

Augmenting the NAVEX Global Hotline, Custom Web Report Forms deliver an easy and efficient way to capture compliance incident reports from all areas of your organization. They can be accessed through your intranet, ethics portal or other employee web sites. Examples include gift and gratuity documentation, conflict of interest reporting, work-related injury reports, etc.

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Global Telephony Solutions

NAVEX Global has established strong relationships with telephony carriers to ensure the offering of global solutions for connecting client stakeholders with our telephony network and contact centers. Global telephony specialists guide clients through the best option suited for servicing employee hotline calls based on geographical footprint and business needs.

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Data Privacy

Our Data Privacy Module is a complete resource for effectively managing the privacy of reported incident data submitted into our case investigation and management process.

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