Case management software to consolidate hotline and other incident reports for investigation, reporting and analysis
NAVEX Global’s case management solution consolidates hotline, open-door, mobile and web-based incident reports into a single location for secure review, investigation, resolution, reporting and analysis.  More than 8,000 organizations worldwide rely on NAVEX Global’s compliance case management solution to ensure broad data collection and consistent, workflow-driven incident resolution. 


Whistleblower Hotlines & Case Management: Major Challenges and Best Practices

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Our case management system guarantees the capture of reports and incidents that come in through other methods, ensuring a consistent process that allows you to collect all the issues and events that pose risk to your organization. The automated, software-based case management system includes workflow automation and process controls that enable consistent and thorough documentation.

It is critical that data can be analyzed rapidly to identify broader trends. The case management system's automated, on-demand and online reporting tools are integrated with hotline and case management software to provide trend analysis when you need it. The robust analytics - including search and ad-hoc Premium Reporting - enable executives to gain clear visibility into risk and ensure an appropriate response is used to reduce your liability.

Key Benefits of Case Management

  • Deep-level analysis and reporting for measuring program efficacy, track outcomes, trend and gain insight into critical compliance data
  • Provides the ability to adhere to both national and global data privacy rules
  • The NAVEX Global Gateway home page provides at-a-glance insights through dashboard widgets
  • We offer an enterprise class, centralized repository of all issues and events that impact your business in a single instance – the only one in the business
  • Supports consistent, repeatable and measurable workflow process for the handling of issues
  • Track efficacy of your case investigators

Web Services

NAVEX Global's EthicsPoint case management application is designed with interoperability and 3rd party data integration in mind. Through robust web services, customers can programmatically import and export case related information for deep integration with other applications within your enterprise. Built on common programming standards, our web services capabilities allow for:

  • Support of interactivity between NAVEX Global Case Management and other applications securely over the web.
  • Allows for your enterprise applications to seamlessly exchange data over the internet.
  • Easily allow software and services from different sources and locations to be combined with NAVEX Global EthicsPoint case manager for an integrated service experience.

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Custom Web Report Forms

Augmenting the NAVEX Global Hotline, Custom Web Report Forms deliver an easy and efficient way to capture incident reports from all areas of your organization. Custom Web Report Forms are designed to capture your unique reporting requirements and can be linked to your intranet, ethics portal or other employee web sites.

Examples include:

  • Gift and gratuity documentation
  • HR management reports (attendance, harassment, bullying, etc.)
  • Work-related injury reports, security or investigation reports
  • Conflict of interest reporting

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Data Privacy Module

Making sure your GRC processes meet the needs of different data protection and privacy laws across countries has become increasingly complex between countries as information privacy laws differ so greatly. Our Data Privacy module is a complete resource for effectively managing the privacy of reported incident data submitted into our case investigation and management process.

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Awareness Programs

Help employees understand that the company wants to be informed of wrongdoing wherever it may occur. Our custom materials increase awareness and retention of hotline services.

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