Case management software to consolidate hotline and other incident reports for investigation, reporting and analysis

Simplify report intake and investigations

  • Visibility and autonomy at every level
  • Consistent investigative procedures
  • Actionable reporting and analytics

Learn about Case Management Software


case management solutionsOur incident reporting software collects data from all reporting sources (hotline, open door, web) in a single place to help you respond consistently and quickly to every alleged violation that poses risk to your organization—regardless of how it’s reported. Incident management software includes robust analytics for reporting and trend analysis and investigator-friendly documentation, allowing you to create a more holistic approach to managing ethics and compliance across the enterprise.


Key Benefits of Investigation Case Management Software

Collect Actionable Reports from Multiple Sources

  • Consolidates hotline, open-door, mobile and web-based incident reports into a single location for secure review, investigation, resolution, reporting and analysis

Consistently Manage the Investigation Process

  • In-depth view into compliance case management activities, including status, risk, priority and due date
  • Autonomy for each case manager and department
  • Fully integrated with policies, training and corrective/preventative action plans
  • One-click view of all current, pending and new cases, plus inline editing and real-time updates
  • Control area for investigators for notes, reminders and tasks
  • Robust administration capabilities for adding, editing or viewing locations, flagging people or groups, creating system roles, and designating groups as active or inactive
  • Enhanced information sharing for better access, data collection, communication and real-time decision-making
  • Automated creation of cases, workflows and customized distribution of cases
  • Sophisticated data protection and user access restrictions provide end users with only the data they need to ensure that sensitive data is not compromised
  • Autonomy for each case manager and department

Proactively Pinpoint E&C Problem Areas with Robust Analytics

  • Centralized data collection to best identify potential risk areas and prepare Board and senior management reports
  • Ability to link issue and event reporting to additional and targeted training and/or policy adjustments
  • Increases overall compliance program effectiveness