Program materials to raise employee awareness of ethics & compliance programs

Whether your workforce simply needs a reminder or implementation of a full employee awareness campaign, NAVEX Global has tools and services designed to engage your employees with vital awareness of your ethics and compliance program helping to protect your people, your reputation and your bottom line. 

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Promoting Awareness and Use of Your Compliance Reporting Systems

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Leading organizations choose NAVEX Global’s employee awareness materials to educate stakeholders and keep them informed about compliance program goals and objectives. Developed by our creative services team in conjunction with our advisory services division, posters, wallet cards and other employee awareness materials help keep compliance programs prominent, and are an excellent way to communicate new programs and policies when NAVEX Global’s Ecosystem flags emerging risks.

Key Benefits of Employee Awareness Programs

  • Increase control of the message and program tone
  • Choose materials that fit your culture, workplace and employee expectations
  • Our pre-designed templates offer proven employee communication tools without the added cost and time of custom development
  • Select from a wide range of materials and options to fit every budget and compliance program requirement

Standard Template Option

Opt for our standard template option of awareness materials including pre-designed posters, brochures and wallet cards (with translations) available via our streamlined order process with our shortest delivery time frames.

Standard Plus Template Option

Opt for our standard plus template option which offers limited customization services for posters, brochures and wallet cards. Examples include client-provided text changes, image changes or adding multiple logos to the design.

Custom Awareness Materials

Opt for our custom awareness materials for a unique message and design. Our creative experts will work with you to develop materials that will provide continuity to your initiatives. Beyond the standard materials, additional products may be developed to assist you in promoting your compliance awareness program. Employee kits, magnets, ID badges and topic-based posters are just a few options available.

Custom Awareness Campaigns

The Ethical Leadership Group, the advisory services division of NAVEX Global, is available to team up with clients as well as our communications and creative experts for a head-to-toe needs assessment of messaging and awareness effectiveness – as well as to make program recommendations. A review of previous efforts is completed, leveraged and assessed for areas of improvement, and then work proceeds with your internal brand team to build a comprehensive awareness campaign, ensuring critical culture and compliance messages reach all facets of your organization.