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The NAVEX Global Help Desk provides ongoing support to all clients throughout the term of their contract for assistance with technical or administrative questions.

Administrator Training

For clients who have opted to use our Learning Management System (LMS) to deliver training to learners, the Help Desk team hold regularly scheduled overview sessions to introduce new administrators to the LMS. Help Desk team also remains available throughout the term of the contract to help answer any questions and assist with the administrative functions of the LMS. Training includes instruction on:

  • How to import users into the LMS using both batch processes and manual entry
  • How to enroll users into licensed courses using both batch processes and manual entry
  • How to run enrollment and completion reports
  • How to maintain the LMS on an ongoing basis as employees leave and new employees are hired
  • How to use the automated notifications to alert users of new or incomplete enrollments
  • How to monitor license usage


The Help Desk can also help troubleshoot any technical issues with our LMS, courseware or the course delivery that our client’s internal team is unable to resolve independently. In addition to the FAQ available on our website, a consultation between our Help Desk and the IT departments of our clients can be a useful tool in isolating and identifying issues specific to a company’s network.

Mailing Lists

Mailing lists are available to notify training administrators and IT team members at your company of any upcoming courseware updates, changes in infrastructure, training rollout tips, and more. There are several specific targeted lists which administrators for ELT clients can select from, each with a specific focus on topics such as Courseware Updates (legal and/or functional changes to our courseware), LMS announcements (changes to functionality, scheduled downtime, tips for use), Technical (infrastructure updates, courseware delivery, and updates to services such as automated data exchanges) or General (new services, support hours, additional administrative resources, training sessions, etc).

Contacting the Help Desk

The Help Desk is available through all of the following methods:

Support Portal:

Search a library of common questions and answers, find Help Desk contact information, submit new cases or view the status of your existing cases.  Existing customers can log through our support portal here.

LMS Online Help:

For LMS administrators, a Help link is provided in the top right corner of each screen of the system. Clicking on the Help link will display information about how to use that page, including detailed step-by-step instructions with images and even short videos to walk administrators through the available functions.


Sending a message to elearning@navexglobal.com will automatically log the issue and open a case, to which a Help Desk team member will respond.


The Help Desk is available by phone at 415-962-3420 between 6:00 AM and 6:00 PM Pacific time, Monday through Friday (excluding holidays).