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Micro Learning Course
Conduct Training
All Learners
Gift Giving & Receiving

Reminds employees about organizational rules and policies related to giving and accepting gifts and business courtesies. Real people share thoughts about giving and accepting gifts. Covers the general limits on giving and accepting gifts and business courtesies, the importance of following policy, questions to ask before accepting or giving a gift, and reporting concerns and potential violations internally. Viewers consider the importance of following policy and are prompted about questions to ask before accepting or giving a gift.

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Avoiding Conflicts of Interest

Employees are faced with difficult decisions on a regular basis, and when they make poor decisions it can impact the culture and result in inefficient or counterproductive decision-making. This course helps employees understand the types of conflicts that can arise in the workplace and how to handle them.

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Conflicts of Interest: Making the Right Choices

This course is instructs employees how to recognize a conflict of interest and what to do if they suspect they have one. It describes the kinds of situations where conflicts typically arise and emphasizes the importance of avoiding situations that could create – or appear to create – a conflict.

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