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< 10 min
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Micro Learning Course
Employment Law Training
All Learners

Real people discuss examples of harassment and learners receive instruction on the impact of harassment on employees, morale and culture, what constitutes harassment, how to respond to harassment, and the obligation to internally report suspected harassment.

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International Workplace Harassment

Training a global workforce on harassment prevention presents challenges. A repackaged training course, riddled with US-centric scenarios, language and content, causes non-US learners to tune out. This course is specifically for a global audience and includes encouraging reports and how to handle complaints.

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Global Harassment and Discrimination: Maintaining Respect

Most countries around the world have enacted legislation designed to foster a respectful workplace, where employees are treated fairly and with dignity – but no two countries are the same. Multinational organizations are challenged to provide training for employees in every location about these important topics.

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