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Full Length Course
Conduct Training
SOX - Sarbanes Oxley Act, FAR - Federal Acquisition Regulation, USFGS - United States Federal Sentencing Guidelines
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Code of Conduct

Authored by our in-house experts and created in concert with attorneys at Littler Mendelson, this fifth-generation Ethics & Code of Conduct course represents decades of expertise and a constant commitment to product innovation. This award-winning course takes learners on a journey through a virtual city where they help organizations make decisions about how to move forward ethically in the face of dilemmas. Our modular approach to Ethics training allows you to determine the length of your course and what topics to cover from our 25 unique modules. An optional innovative test-out feature gives learners the ability to demonstrate competency and skip basic material without compromising the effectiveness of your training program. In the Configurable version, learners get a quick overview of the most important issues and a high level understanding of key policies and expectations.

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  • All Learners
All Learners

Learners get a quick overview of the most important issues and a high-level understanding of key policies and expectations. This course also highlights key internal resources that can help resolve ethical dilemmas and receive reports of suspected misconduct.

Key Concepts Covered in This Course:35 min60 minConfigurable

What is a code and the importance of values

Conflicts of interest

Competing and dealing ethically

Fraud and misappropriation

Reporting and retaliation


Asset protection


Ethical decision making


Information and cyber security


Importance of understanding and complying with the organization's code, policies and the law


Making ethical and values-driven business decisions


Making a complaint internally, including making an anonymous report


Impact of poor and unethical decisions


Importance of raising concerns early and reporting even suspected code and policy violations


Using the code and internal resources to resolve a dilemma violations


Discussing questions and concerns with internal resources, including a direct manager


Policy against retaliation


Investigating complaints about code and policy violations


Being a role model and accountability for individual actions


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What is a Code?

Real people answers questions about what a code of conduct is and learners are introduced to the code as a great source of information and guidance, the importance of value and acting with integrity, the obligation to read, understand and comply with the code, and the importance of asking questions, and reporting concerns and potential violations internally

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Code of Conduct Basics

In this interactive, simulated news experience, learners review the importance of understanding and complying with the organization’s Code, policies and the law, what the code is and what it is intended to do, how employees can use the code to make better informed and more ethical decisions, the role that employees play in creating an ethical and compliance-minded culture, the consequences of violating the code, policies or the law.

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