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Compliance Training
EAR - Export Administration Regulations, ITAR - International Traffic in Arms Regulations
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Trade Compliance

Trade compliance isn’t simply a quick step on the way to closing a global sale or sending out a shipment. It’s a complicated and intricate set of rules and regulations designed to protect United States trade integrity. Any organization participating in global trade must have a workforce that understands trade compliance—seeing it as a vital step in business instead of a routine checklist. This course helps learners understand when and how to identify when an export license may be required, to pay attention to unusual terms and circumstances in all contracts and to notify designated officials when such circumstances arise.

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  • All Learners
All Learners

Key concepts covered in this course:

  • What qualifies as an "export" under U.S. law, including information on types of exports and "deemed exports"
  • Restrictions under Export Administration Regulations (EARs)
  • Items subject to International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR)
  • How to identify export control red flags
  • Purpose of anti-boycotting law and applicable provisions
  • Penalties for non-compliance

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