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< 10 min
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Micro Learning Course
Information Security Training
All Learners
Data Privacy

Covers the importance of and obligation to protect personal and private information. Learners review information on laws that can impact the information that is collected and how it is stored and used, individual responsibility to protect personal information, the importance of working closely with management, HR, or another internal resource to understand what’s considered personal information, and consequences for improper use and disclosure of personal information.

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Global Data Privacy

Helps employees and managers understand their role in ensuring the proper protection of data. Learners develop skills for identifying when data transfers are taking place, the privacy and confidentiality rules and organizational policies that apply, and how to handle data in a highly dynamic and growing area.

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Global Data Privacy: Protecting Personal Information

In our data-driven world, organizations must safeguard the personal data they use and maintain. This course examines what information requires protection and identifies common errors that can put information at risk. It also explores specific data storage and handling practices.

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