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< 10 min
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Micro Learning Course
Employment Law Training
All Learners
Health & Safety

Teaches learners about the importance of creating and maintaining a healthy, safe, and secure workplace. Addresses prohibitions against drugs and alcohol use, workplace violence (including threats and intimidation), workplace injuries and reporting, the importance of honesty and integrity, objecting to unsafe conditions and requests, and the importance of understanding and complying with the organization’s Code, policies and the law.

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Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS): Protecting Proactively

This course provides a high level overview of how employees can protect themselves, their workplace and their community from work-related environmental, health, safety and security hazards. The focus is on making safety a priority and emphasizing the role that each employee plays in preserving a safe workplace.

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Drug-Free Workplace

Substance abuse costs US businesses more than $100 billion every year and causes workplace safety incidents and lower productivity. This course teaches employees and managers how to identify warning signs of misuse and how to properly respond if they do suspect that an employee or colleague is under the influence.

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