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Financial Integrity

Covers the basics of fraud and misappropriation including what constitutes an asset, including physical and non-physical examples, the obligation to use assets properly and not take assets for one’s own personal use without permission, the individual obligations to protect and properly use the organization’s assets, improper taking and use of assets, including credit card misuse and expense reporting fraud, and the consequences of misuse and theft of assets.

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Financial Integrity

Financial integrity is every employee’s responsibility, whether dealing with expense reports, sales figures or other financial records. This course educates employees about their role in accurate accounting and helps them understand how they can help foster a compliance-minded culture.

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Financial Integrity: Working with Honesty and Transparency

This course emphasizes that financial integrity is the responsibility of every employee at every level of your organization. From filling out expense reports and benefits enrollment forms to time cards, invoices and payroll – maintaining good record keeping practices is good business.

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