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< 10 min
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Micro Learning Course
Conduct Training
USFGS - United States Federal Sentencing Guidelines, SOX - Sarbanes Oxley Act, FAR - Federal Acquisition Regulation
All Learners
Code of Conduct

In this interactive, simulated news experience, learners review the importance of understanding and complying with the organization’s Code, policies and the law, what the code is and what it is intended to do, how employees can use the code to make better informed and more ethical decisions, the role that employees play in creating an ethical and compliance-minded culture, the consequences of violating the code, policies or the law.

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Our Commitment to Integrity: An Overview of Our Code of Conduct

This configurable course explores the basics of why organizations have codes of conduct and who must comply with them. It also highlights what an employee’s responsibilities are, resources that are available to help and how employees who speak up about violations in good faith should not fear retaliation.

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