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Keeping up with the ever-changing landscape of compliance regulations is one of the biggest challenges of our work. These updates will make that a little easier. Use the legal and regulatory feed to stay current on the latest news and regulations impacting the world of compliance.

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Australia: Whistleblowing and Foreign Bribery Bills introduced into Senate


Whistleblowing and Foreign Bribery Bills introduced into Senate confirm Australian Government's intention to increase corporate compliance requirements. In light of this event, companies should take the appropriate measures.

Steps to Liberalize Uzbekistan’s Export – Import Regime


Two decrees aiming towards the liberalization of Uzbekistan's import and export regime have been signed by the country's President. The Decrees represent a further step towards liberalization of Uzbekistan's economy.

Pharmaceutical Sector in Malaysia under Market Review of the Malaysian Competition Commission


The Malaysian Competition Commission has commissioned an independent non-profit international research and advocacy organisation, to conduct a market review on the pharmaceutical sector in Malaysia.

Brazil: New Mandatory Compliance Programs Between Companies and Rio de Janeiro State


New legislation has been published according to which companies entering into contracts with the public administration of the state of Rio de Janeiro, directly or indirectly, will be mandated to implement an Integrity Program (or "compliance program").

EU: Corporate Group Companies Tendering Separately In Public Tenders May Need To Prove Absence...


In an opinion issued on 22 November 2017, EU-the Advocate General confirmed that the EU competition law provisions do not apply to companies that are part of the same corporate group. However, assurances from those companies might be necessary in case of simultaneous participation in public tendering process in order to protect the free and fair competition between all tenderers.

Ireland: What Now For Mandatory Reporting of White Collar Offences?


Section 19 of the Criminal Justice Act 2011 regulates the offence of “withholding information” in relation to white collar crimes. However, the constitutionality of aspects of the provision is now put in question following a recent High Court judgment.

EU: Injunctions and Collective Redress: A New Deal For Consumers?


Following the Injunctions Directive, the European Commission seeks ways to increase the availability collective civil litigation across the EEA while avoiding the US-style excess in class litigation.

Vietnam: Regulatory Framework Regarding Reporting and Responding to Cyber Information Security Incidents – Decision...


The Vietnamese Government issued Decision No5 and Circular No 20 setting the basic framework for reporting and responding to cyber security information incidents.