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Legal & Regulatory Updates

Keeping up with the ever-changing landscape of compliance regulations is one of the biggest challenges of our work. These updates will make that a little easier. Use the legal and regulatory feed to stay current on the latest news and regulations impacting the world of compliance.

New China Cybersecurity Guidelines for Registration of Networked Medical Devices


The China Food and Drug Administration has issued guidelines aimed to implement China's new Cybersecurity Law in the administration of medical devices in China. This development is a clear signal that Chinese regulators intend to enhance cybersecurity protection in the healthcare sector.

Greek Competition Commission intensified investigatory activity


In 2016, the Hellenic Competition Commission’s (HCC) intense investigatory activity was reflected in nine (9) Statements of Objections (SOs), including the one concerning the allegedly perennial cartel in the construction sector spanning over a period of 27 years and involving the entire sector and many foreign players.

Court of Final Appeal Hands Down Landmark Ruling on Private Sector Bribery


The Hong Kong Court of Final Appeal has handed down a landmark ruling clarifying an important element in an offence under section 9 of the Prevention of Bribery Ordinance.

Ukraine Imposes Sanctions against Banks with Russian Capital


On 15 March 2017, the President of Ukraine enacted the decision of the Ukrainian National Security and Defense Council to impose sanctions on five Ukrainian banks with the capital of Russian state-owned banks.

New compliance requirements on the management of contaminated areas in Brazil


The State of São Paulo EPA provides new procedures for protection of the soil and groundwater and establishes guidelines for the management of contaminated areas during licensing proceedings of potentially pollutant facilities.

UK Criminal Finances Bill – Ten things to consider


The Criminal Finances Bill will hold firms criminally liable where employees facilitate tax evasion by their clients. To protect themselves, firms must implement reasonable prevention procedures to mitigate the risk of facilitating a tax evasion offence.

South Africa Employment Insight: Not Quite The Apprentice, But Certainly Not Suits


The processes related to workplace discipline often confound employees. Whether this is the result of lapping up Suits or Law & Order is an open question, but we frequently see employees misconceiving their rights and obligations when faced with allegations of wrongdoing in the workplace. Employees do their cause more harm than good when labouring under misapprehensions on the nature of workplace discipline.

Australia’s mandatory data breach notification is coming!


Mandatory data breach notification laws have passed parliament. Baker McKenzie partner Patrick Fair explains how the laws will work and what they will mean for business.