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Welcome to the Brave New World of Compliance

The world's first community-driven compliance think tank

Give and get. That's the basic idea behind Compliance Next. You give to the community by adding your thoughts to discussions, sharing a presentation template you're proud of or submitting an article you wrote.

And in return, you get a lot -- access to how-to videos, regulatory updates, expert advice, interactive quizzes and an always-growing library of amazing tools like sample policies and stats you can use for board presentations.

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Whether you are in the interview chair or boardroom, every compliance professional needs the right information, guidance and proof points to have confidence in each stage of their career. 

Binge watching videos while at work. What could be better?

Sit down, grab a snack and get ready to enjoy one of our video series. 

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    The Definitive Guidance Series

    This is a get-smart-quick video series designed to give you the most detail in the most immediately usable way on major compliance topics. 

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    What's Next in Compliance by Matt Kelly

    Matt Kelly, CEO of Radical Compliance and former editor of Compliance Week, sits down with us every month to talk about the burning compliance issues and trends.

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    How To Series

    This series contains two steps. First, press play. Second, know something you didn’t know before based on simple steps, defined processes and best practices. 

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    90-Second Expert Advice Series

    Learn from those who’ve been there before. Get a quick breath of fresh insight from compliance experts who know how to cut through the clutter and focus on what really matters. 

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    Peer Perspective Series

    Smart people talking to smart people makes everyone smarter. We filmed those people talking about smart things to continue the conversation with you.  

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    Board Management Series

    It’s all in the presentation. This series digs into best practices to ensure your program looks as good as it is to senior management and your board.  

Compliance Next Community Manager

The goal of Compliance Next is to connect you with best practices, tips, trends and how-tos that help you do your best work. This community is for practitioners, and it is supported by practitioners. That is why there are several ways you can contribute to the body of knowledge and share your expertise with your peers. If you are interested in contributing to Compliance Next or want to propose a topic we should cover, please let me know.

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We help more than 12,500 organizations worldwide contain compliance risks amidst a never-ending stream of rapidly evolving internal and external threats. Our full suite of proven software, services and expertise helps you ensure that your E&C program is proactive, thorough and effective. Our mission is to help organizations protect and defend their people, reputation and bottom line—and help them maintain a resilient, ethical organizational culture that helps repel risk.