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More than 8,000 customers trust us to help manage their ethics and compliance needs.

  • SOX Whistleblower Protection Program for Private Businesses

    On March 4, the U.S. Supreme Court issued a ground-breaking ruling extending an element of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX) to an estimated 6 million private companies. If you are a private company that provides services to publicly traded companies, it is essential that you understand the impact. Listen to a briefing of this change, and find details of an affordable new bundle that provides your organization the tools to meet the new SOX standard for private businesses.

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  • Get a Free, Fully Functioning PolicyTech Trial for One Month

    The best way to understand the power of PolicyTech is to start using it! For 30 days, you can try a fully functional version of PolicyTech, an all-in-one SaaS solution that gives you the power to manage key documents, test employee understanding and manage signatures electronically. With your trial version, you can create, upload and manage an unlimited number of documents for your organization.

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  • Quality Online Training - Experience the Difference!

    Change employee attitudes about ethics and compliance with engaging training content. Our online training uses innovative themes, engaging storylines and dynamic characters to create an unparalleled learning experience that your employees will enjoy. Download the NAVEX Global Online Training Courseware Catalog today to find detailed descriptions for each of our 130+ learning solutions including 75 full-length courses and 57 burst learning vignettes.

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  • CPA Global: Compliance Learning Investments

    Prior Blue Hill Research reports have identified how investments in “front-end” compliance activities generate operational efficiency resulting from improved internalization of standards. In order to help organizations make their own investments, this case study reviews CPA Global’s core compliance drivers, key features of its compliance program, and its selection of a training platform in NAVEX Global.

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  • Definitive Guide to Policy Management

    Instantly download your free Definitive Guide to Policy Management for real-world examples of companies avoiding litigation and penalties by having a well thought out compliance program. Organizations that approach policy management strategically and exercise ruthless discipline with respect to their policies yield massive returns in organizational alignment, corporate culture and bottom line results.

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  • 2014 Hotline Benchmarking Toolkit

    Hotline data provides invaluable information about organizational culture and helps to identify simmering issues before they come to a boil. The Hotline Benchmarking Toolkit will help you learn from the hotline report data in your case management system, assess your organizational culture, and improve your compliance program. Inside you will find a collection of resources including the full 2014 Benchmark Report, webinar recording, infographics, whitepapers, articles and more.

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  • Whitepaper

    Updating Your Code of Conduct – A Step-by-Step Approach

    Developing a Code of Conduct can be a cost effective way of communicating your ethics and compliance standards and expectations. It is a valuable communications tool, but – if done right – the process of updating and drafting a new Code also has important benefits. Our step-by-step guide discusses tailoring your Code, leveraging both the process and the roll-out to gain the maximum benefit for your ethics and compliance program.

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  • Complimentary Ethics & Compliance Risk Report Card

    You do all you can to protect your company’s reputation, but how do you know where you stand if you don’t have the right industry data? Your complimentary Ethics & Compliance Report Card analyzes a comprehensive range of your company’s public legal and compliance history against peers in six, critical categories: Labor & Human Rights, Privacy & Intellectual Property, Sustainability, Health, Safety & Environment, Business Integrity and Financial Stress.

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  • Survey Results: Third Party Risk in a Global Environment

    NAVEX Global’s newest survey found that fewer than three in 10 U.S. companies carefully monitor their third party vendors, suppliers and agents to prevent corruption, fraud and other compliance risks. Survey respondents largely acknowledged the risk, but 71 percent admitted they do not track information on some or all of their third party relationships, exposing themselves to significant ethics and compliance risks.  

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